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Loyalty points and death

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When I am not behind my desk at work I will often be found on an aeroplane flying to another country to explore. I always try and fly British Airways so I can collect Avios points and tier points.

Collecting tier and Avios points gets a bit addictive but we all collect points, the weekly Tesco shop you tap the club card to collect your points, Sainsbury’s for the weekly food top up scan the nectar card. Toiletries for the holiday off to Boots to get the essentials and also collect the Advantage points.

But what happens to those points when we die, if like me you collect Avios points you could have a large amount for example if you have 500,000 Avios points and you value those points at 1p that’s £5,000!

So having done a little research and based on my experience in helping people get points transferred when a loved one has died I detail below what happens to your points if you have not got round to spending them all before you have died.

Avios Points

Well the sad news is that the terms and conditions state that all Avios points and tier points shall be cancelled on a members death. But a polite letter to British Airways Executive Club may remedy this and you hopefully will be pleasantly surprised.

Tesco Clubcard

Well the terms and conditions state that if the family write detailing the membership of the deceased and the details of the club card to receive the points they will transfer the points.

Sainsbury’s Nectar Card

Again the terms and conditions do allow the points to be transferred on the death of a member.

Boots Advantage Card

You need to nominate a beneficiary to receive the points before you die. So you need to contact Boots now to set this up.

I would recommend that you write down your membership details and leave it somewhere secure for your executors so they can help get the points transferred to family members.

In the cases I have dealt with the points have always been transferred but I did submit a Grant of Probate in all cases and I am sure a formal solicitors letter helped.

Ultimately, I urge you to spend those points on things you want flights, exotic food but at least you know if you have any points left your family may still benefit.

Further information

This information sheet is intended to be for general guidance only and is not a substitute for specific advice. It is based upon our understanding of the applicable rules as at July 2020 and may be affected by subsequent changes. For more information, please contact Marcus Parsons on 01233 665544 or email at

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