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Business Sales & Purchases Solicitors

We recognise that individual clients have individual needs.  We are aware that many do not wish to become bogged down with the complicated paperwork that can be associated with these transactions, and we will do all that we can to shoulder the burden. 

We are happy to negotiate on your behalf and deal with as much of the paperwork as possible without troubling you.  Others prefer a more “hands-on” approach and we are equally happy to consult and advise at every stage of the transaction.

What we do

We deal with all types of business sales and purchases including:-

  • Limited companies
  • Firms
  • Partnerships
  • Franchises
  • Pubs, hotels, care homes, restaurants, services
  • Retail
  • Agricultural
  • Manufacturing/industrial

Get in touch with our business sales and purchases solicitors

Contact our solicitors in Ashford, Cranbrook or Hythe or give us a call. 

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  • Kellie Darke
      • Kellie Darke
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