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Ashford Snowdogs - Inspiration Week

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The Ashford Snowdogs trail begins next week from Wednesday 12 September to Sunday 18 November and so the fabulous Snowdogs (decorated by a variety of artists) will be dotted around the streets of Ashford for all to see. We are looking forward to seeing our Snowdog (as Pilgrims Hospices Education Partner), decorated by artist Oliver Winconek which will be part of the trail.

Each week of the trail has a theme (inspiration/love/strength etc) which we will be discussing and posting about throughout. This week leading up to the trail is all about inspiration and we wanted to share what inspired Kingsfords to get involved in the campaign.

This is what our managing director John Edmonds (pictured above) had to say about the inspiration behind us getting involved - 

"My inspiration for the Pilgrim's Hospice Ashford Snowdog campaign came from my love of animals and the fact that this was an appeal based in Ashford town centre, which has been the home of Kingsfords Solicitors since the late 1800's.  I thought it was a wonderful opportunity to connect with local people, many of whom have been our clients for  years.  

Kingsfords have always supported the work of the Pilgrims Hospice. It was our late senior partner Richard Flower who was instrumental in raising substantial funds for the establishment of the hospice in Ashford. It seemed only natural that we should honour his memory and continue to support such a worthy cause.

We are also pleased to be involved as it has enabled younger school children to use their creativity and imagination in the decoration of the smaller snow pups, which are also part of the campaign."