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Having a tailored legal framework that underpins your commercial operations is essential for every business. No matter the type of support your business requires, our expert company law solicitors will be on hand to lend their expertise.

At Kingsfords, our expert company law solicitors in Kent have a wealth of combined experience in supporting a diverse range of clients. We can support those with little experience who need clear advice on creating a company and general advice on day-to-day requirements, as well as those with more experience who require guidance on specific matters.

If your company is unfortunate enough to become involved in a dispute, is owed money or is itself in financial difficulties, our specialist staff can also help to resolve the issues in an efficient, cost-effective and supportive manner.

You can find out more about our skills in handling litigation and disputes for businesses here.

With the support of our team, you can be certain that your matter will be dealt with effectively and efficiently, and you will have a strong legal grounding on which you can continue to run your business.

We deal with the following company matters:

  • Company formations
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Company sales and purchases
  • Resolutions
  • General company law

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Our company law expertise

Company formations

Setting up a company from scratch can be a daunting process, but it needn’t be complicated. Our business law solicitors in Kent can work alongside you to ensure that you have all of the correct documents in place so that you are able to form a legally compliant company, as per the terms included in the Companies Act 2016.

Whether you intend on becoming an LLP, PLC, CIC or limited company, our team will be able to advise you on the essential steps so that the foundations of your business can be set.

Once you have completed the steps to form your company, we can then proceed to advise you on your ongoing duties as a company director, as well as any members’ rights, responsibilities and liabilities.

Shareholder agreements

A shareholders’ agreement may be necessary where you intend to regulate how the company will be run, what the rights of individual shareholders will be, and what the processes will be for handling important company matters.

The rights and responsibilities of your shareholders will be crucial for ensuring that your business runs as smoothly as possible and that any disputes are avoided altogether.

Our team will sit down with you to get a clear understanding of the way your business operates/intends to operate and will draw up a robust agreement that clarifies the relationship your shareholders have with the business.

Company sales and purchases

There are countless reasons why you may intend to buy or sell a business, its shares, or its assets. As you might expect, these can often be very complex transactions, which highlights the importance of our team’s expansive knowledge and expertise.

Our company law solicitors can advise on the sale and purchase of companies, including taking actions such as negotiating heads of terms, completing due diligence and drafting contracts of sales.


Company resolutions are legally binding decisions made by members of a business. They will be undertaken to ensure that important company decisions are carefully considered and are transparent to all interested parties.

Typically, company resolutions will be made by a majority vote of members at a general meeting, and will be raised where a formal decision needs to be made on a matter that goes beyond the scope of day-to-day business operations.

Our company solicitors can support you with the general process of making company resolutions, as well as the process for recording and actioning formal resolutions.

General company law

Running a business is unlikely to ever be straightforward. There will be countless matters that you will need to address on a daily basis, all of which our team can advise on, ensuring that you will be able to run a successful business now and in the future.

Using the expertise of the commercial team, we can answer any queries you may have about your operations and legal obligations. Whether you are the director of a start-up, an SME, or a national institution, we can offer bespoke advice about your general requirements.

Depending on your circumstances and what you need assistance with, we can lean on the wider expertise of the team at Kingsfords, including our employment law solicitors.

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Frequently asked questions about company law

How long does it take to form a company?

The time it takes to form a company from scratch will depend on the method you choose to use, and the current status of Companies House. In theory, an application to form a company can be completed in just a day.

If you submit an application to form a company online, it is usually registered within 24 hours. If you submit a postal application, this will take 8 to 10 days.

How much does it cost to form a business?

There are certain fees which are applicable when forming a business.

If you wish to register a company with Companies House using the online method, a fee of £12 will apply. Should you want to register the company via post (such as where you do not want to use ‘limited’ in your company league), there is a £40 fee.

You can find out more about our solicitors’ fees for providing support with company formation after getting in touch to discuss your requirements.

Is a shareholders agreement a legal requirement?

There is no legal requirement that stipulates you need a shareholders agreement. However, without a shareholders agreement, the company will be run in accordance with its articles of association and general company law. This could provide disadvantageous in certain instances.

How long does it take to sell a business?

The exact time it takes to complete the sale of a business will depend on a variety of factors, such as the current status of the company, how easy it is to find a suitable buyer, and how quickly you are able to agree on a price.

Selling a business is generally a complex and lengthy process and can often take between six and 12 months to finalise.

Will I have any liabilities after selling a business?

After selling a business, if you continue to have an involvement, you will retain the responsibilities which are associated with the role.

Any personal undertakings will need to be dealt with as a part of the sale transaction. Failing to do so will mean you will potentially continue to be liable.

What decisions will require a company resolution?

Any decisions which will fall outside the standard day-to-day operations involved in running a business will often require a resolution. Examples of decisions that may require a resolution include:

  • Appointing a company director
  • Changing the name of a company
  • Changing existing articles of association
  • Changing share structure

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