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Can I write my own will?

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Wills are incredibly important legal documents, that outline how you would like your assets and debts to be distributed in the event of your death. Unfortunately, many people in the UK have yet to create a Will, which in the unfortunate event of an untimely passing, can make the already distressing situation even more complex and difficult.

Can I write my own Will?

It is possible to obtain a template online and create your own Will, however, it is not advised. This is because Wills written without the assistance of an experienced Will Solicitor/Lawyer, are unlikely to be correctly drafted, which can then lead to unpleasant and stressful disputes between loved ones as a result of any ambiguity within the document.

What are the disadvantages of writing my own Will?

Whilst using a do-it-yourself online kit can be tempting due to its ease of use and inexpensive cost, this can often lead to a Will being incorrectly drafted, leading to unforeseen consequences later down the line.

One of the main issues with an online Will is the lack of provisions made for any complicated situations, for example:

  • If the individual in question wishes for certain assets to go to children from a previous relationship
  • Safeguarding assets so they are not used for care home fees
  • Gifts that are intended to be limited to an individual’s lifetime
  • Providing for care of a person with a disability

The majority of DIY Wills tend to only consider more simple matters, whereas a Will that is drafted with the assistance of an experienced solicitor will take these more complex issues into account and make the appropriate provisions and terms. Furthermore, when an individual writes their own Will, there are likely to be mistakes, which can later lead to disputes or the Will being invalidated.

What are the advantages of having a solicitor write your Will?

An experienced Will Solicitor/Lawyer will be well-versed in the process of writing a high-quality Will, having many years of knowledge to provide tailored advice for your situation. Our Wills and Probate Department can work closely with you to make sure that your Will includes everything needed to safeguard your assets, as well as ensuring that your wishes are followed accurately. We will also be able to make sure that the Will is drafted in such a way that there are no loopholes or mistakes, helping to prevent any potential disputes that could occur when the time comes.

We will be able to discuss the value of your estate for inheritance tax planning purposes and how the instructions you make in your Will could potentially impact your estate’s inheritance tax liability.

Wills are important legal documents, so it is essential that they are written carefully with no room for error. Unfortunately, Wills are often misunderstood because of poor wording, causing your loved ones even more stress during an already difficult time.

Our Wills and Probate Department at Kingsfords provide an efficient and thorough Will writing service, meticulously reviewing the Will before signing to ensure that it is impeccable and fool proof.

What is the cost of making a Will?

The cost of making a Will can vary. Should you choose to use an online DIY Will template, on average, this will cost around £30 online. However, this relatively cheap price does not come with the years of expertise provided by an expert Will solicitor and will likely cover only the generic aspects one would expect in a Will. It will not, however, cover more complicated matters such as if you wish for certain assets to be given to children from a previous relationship or safeguarding assets so they are not used for care home fees.

If you choose to work with a solicitor, the price can vary depending on the complexity of your estate and the experience of the solicitor.

Who can be an executor of a Will?

The individuals who are selected to carry out your wishes stipulated within your Will, as well as applying for a grant of probate and ensuring all your affairs are taken care of, are called ‘executors’.

You can select anyone to be an executor, however, they must be at least 18 years of age and considered to be of ‘sound mind’. Typically, people tend to choose close family members, friends, or professionals to be their executors. It is sensible to choose more than one executor, as sometimes people do not wish to carry this burden or are simply unable to.

Contact our Wills and Probate Department

If you are considering writing a Will and would like to speak to one of our experts about our Will writing service, you can contact one of our offices in Ashford, Cranbrook or Hythe where our staff will be more than happy to answer any initial queries you may have.

You can also use our contact form to request a call back, in which case someone will be in contact at the earliest opportunity.