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Why you should consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney.

Why you should consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney.

If you have had cause to visit any central or east Kent Hospitals recently, you may have bumped into our advert and associated content in the League of Friends Magazine’ 2023- 2024 freely distributed to patients, their family, friends and visitors generally.

This briefly explains the benefits of entering into a Power of Attorney to enable important financial, property, health and welfare decisions to be made on your behalf, should you lack capacity from taking those steps in the future. Your wishes can be discussed in advance to ensure such issues are addressed appropriately.

Entering into a Lasting Power of Attorney thus helps safeguard your interests and those of your family and friends. The LPA affords you peace of mind that your affairs, will be properly attended to if you are unable to take such decisions in the future

In a similar vein we are able to apply on your behalf for a responsible Deputy to be appointed on your behalf, if you lack capacity in the future, but have not previously taken steps to set up a LPA.

The prospect of requiring a Lasting Power of Attorney, or indeed making a Will are naturally areas most people are reluctant to address. (It is only human nature after all)! 

In an increasingly uncertain world however, take some control back today. Please do call us on 01233 665544 and ask to speak to Louise who will be able to make an appointment for you to see one of the private client team members, she will also be able to help with any other initial enquiries you have. If it’s easier you can email Louise on