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Wills and Probate Solicitors in Ashford

After the death of a loved one, people are likely to feel distressed and upset during this difficult time. Unfortunately, there are legal processes that will need to be done relatively quickly afterwards, which can often feel overwhelming for many people.

Thankfully, our Wills and probate solicitors in Ashford are available to assist with all aspects of the Wills and probate process, from writing a Will, having it authenticated following the grant of probate application and finally administering the Estate. We will be by your side throughout, offering you expertly crafted probate advice and close personal support.

A Kingsfords, we provide an efficient and professional service and are ready to tackle any Wills and probate related issues you are facing.

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Our Wills and Probate services

Wills & Inheritance Tax Planning

Making a Will is an essential part of life, providing your loved ones with a framework for how you would like your assets to be divided should you pass away. Unfortunately, many people often put off this task due to feeling that it is difficult and time consuming.

Thankfully, our Wills solicitors in Ashford have the expertise and experience to assist you in creating an airtight and secure Will, should you be creating a Will, amending a Will or require inheritance Tax advice beforehand.

Our probate lawyers make sure to tailor all our advice to your specific circumstances whilst supporting you at every stage.

Our solicitors can assist with a variety of Will related legal issues, including making a Will, amending an existing Will, Will disputes, Inheritance Tax legal advice, Nil Rate Band Discretionary Trusts and Life Interest Trusts in Wills.

Should you have any initial questions about any of these topics, our solicitors will be more than happy to speak with you.


Trusts are incredibly useful means of ensuring that your assets are preserved for future generations, helping you to manage your wealth for anyone that you would like to benefit down the line.

When you place your assets within a trust, they are then under the control of an individual referred to as a “trustee” who will manage the trust according to the instructions that you leave, even after you pass away.

Our Wills and Probate solicitors in Ashford understand that everyone will have varying circumstances, which is why we make sure to first look closely at your case in great detail, allowing us to personalise our legal advice for your specific situation.

Our team consists of many experts in this field of law, so you can be sure that your best interests remain completely protected.

Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney refers to the specific documents that allow an individual to manage your affairs after you pass or if it is decided that you do not have the capacity to make important decisions for yourself.

If you do not have a Power of Attorney in place, then it will be incredibly difficult for your chosen executor to act on your behalf, distributing the estate as you have instructed in your Will.

Our Wills and Probate solicitors and lawyers in Ashford’s services include:

  • Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA)
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) Registration
  • Ordinary Powers of Attorney (OPA)
  • Powers of Attorney Disputes
  • Ending Powers of Attorney

Our team of experts have many years of assistance helping clients to put Powers of Attorney in place for future security.

Court of Protection

Should an individual be deemed as lacking the capacity to make important decisions about their own finances and welfare, the Court of Protection does its best to safeguard them.

In these situations, an application can be made to the Court of Protection to provide a Deputyship Order, which appoints a deputy who will then be in charge of managing the individual’s property and financial affairs on their behalf.

This is never an easy task, seeing a loved one lose capacity can be extremely distressing. However, our solicitors in Ashford have many years of experience in managing this process, taking the stress off your shoulders.

Our Court of Protection Service includes the following:

  • Deputyship Application for Property and Financial Affairs
  • Deputyship Application for Personal Welfare
  • Application for a Statutory Will
  • Emergency Court of Protection applications
  • Ongoing advice for Court of Protection Deputies

Advice for elderly and vulnerable clients

As you get older, there are likely many legal issues that you will start to consider, such as Wills, trusts and who to give Power of Attorney to.

Our Wills and Probate solicitors in Ashford understand that this is a sensitive issue, so we approach each case with compassion and respect.

Our expert team have years of experience in providing high-quality legal advice to our elderly and vulnerable clients, always with their best interest at heart.

We view this as an essential service, and that our elderly and vulnerable clients deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. This is why we provide close support at every stage of whichever process you require, and our bespoke advice is always tailored to your specific circumstances.

Living Wills (Advanced Directives)

Whilst it may be unsettling to plan for a potential future where you are unable to handle your own affairs, life is surprising, and your situation can change in an instant. Having a plan in place can aid your loved ones in making sure that your wishes are followed accordingly.

Our solicitors and lawyers in Ashford are well versed in handling these matters and will be able to guide you through the entire process, providing bespoke legal support whenever you need it. We will assist you in creating a high-quality Living Will, whilst addressing any concerns you may have.

Our Living Wills service includes:

  • A clearly drafted Living Will accounting for all your future medical needs
  • Directions on your wishes about life sustaining treatment
  • Providing copies to your GP
  • Providing copies to your family, friends and care providers as appropriate

Contact our Wills and Probate solicitors in Ashford

To get in touch with one of our Wills and Probate solicitors in Ashford, Kent you can call on 01233 624545.

Alternatively, you can use our contact form to request a call back, in which case one of our members of staff will be in touch shortly.